Active Duty Military

As a veteran myself, I take special pride in obtaining both K-1 fiancee visas and CR-1 or IR-1 spousal visas for active duty military members.

For all of our legal services we discount our legal fee for active duty military members. We will also, at your request, set up a payment plan for our discounted legal fee.

We have obtained several thousand K-1, CR-1 and IR-1 visas for active duty military members from over 100 different countries including visa petitions for Proxy Marriages.

If you have pending deployment orders, we will request an expedite of your visa petition in order to allow your fiancee or spouse to enter the U.S. prior to your deployment.

If you are currently deployed, we can file the visa petition while you are still deployed so that your fiancee or spouse will have his or her visa and be able to enter the U.S. when you return.

Bottom line is that we want to handle your visa petition and we will take excellent care of you and your fiancee or spouse.  Contact us today!