In 1991, our founder, Lawrence Holmes, established the first immigration law firm in the world that limited its practice to K-1 fiancee visas and CR-1/IR-1 spousal visas. The firm originally handled visas exclusively for fiancees and spouses from the former USSR, providing excellent service to this small niche of clients. Around 1995, as Internet use expanded to more consumers, we were also able to expand our practice to serving fiancees and spouses all over the world. This marked the beginning of a period of rapid growth for the firm that by 2000, new staff was added to serve our growing client base and to continue to provide the high-quality standard of service for which we had become known.

Today, our firm handles approximately 1000 visa and permanent residence cases every year. The growth we have enjoyed over all these years can be attributed to one simple principle: Providing EXCELLENT SERVICE to every single one of our clients.

In 2019, Attorney Melanie Ramos was chosen to lead the practice into the future. Melanie began her immigration career as a paralegal in 2009. Her passion for the immigration field led her to pursue a law degree and later, her admission to the State Bar of California. Melanie initially worked for Lawrence Holmes while attending law school. Because of her extensive experience in handling fiancee visas, spousal visas, adjustments of status, waiver applications, and naturalizations, in 2018, she became a partner in the firm.

Both Lawrence and Melanie are licensed to practice immigration law in all 50 states. Not only do we obtain fiancee, marriage- and other family-based visas for the loved ones of U.S. citizens and permanent residents within the U.S., we also work with individuals living outside of the U.S. This includes the members of our military serving overseas as well as civilians living outside of the U.S. From our location within the U.S., we can effectively represent clients in other states and throughout the world because all of the work we do is performed with national and international agencies.

Conclusion - Contact Our Office Today to Learn Why We are the Best Qualified Firm to Handle Your Fiancee or Marriage Visa

Regardless of the amount of information we could give you on this subject, you will never become a visa expert. To become an expert, you must have actual and up-to-date experience in handling marriage or spousal visa petitions and applications , and that knowledge must be pertinent to the multitude of countries that process these visas. With more than 29 years of processing exclusively K-1 fiancee visas, CR-1/IR-1 spousal visas, and other family-based visas through over 130 different U.S. consulates around the world, we consider ourselves experts in this field.

The purpose of the website is not to explain every minute detail involved in fiancee and marriage visas. The purpose of this website is simply to explain what we do, why we do it, and why we believe our firm is the best qualified to deliver this service.

We represent clients throughout the world in applying for K-1 fiancee visas and CR-1/IR-1 spousal visas. We do this because we know we can provide the excellent service and level of attention to your case to give you the greatest chances of success. Because we have the most extensive knowledge in this field of any other law firm through our more than 29 years of experience, we are the best qualified to deliver this service.

We hope you will contact us and give us the opportunity to further convince you that the law firm of Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney is the right firm to handle your fiancee and marriage visa needs.